Terms and Conditions

We really believe that you will find your purchase from us to be satisfactory. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us using the information on our Contact Us page. We stand behind our products fully, and we strive to offer the best customer service possible.

Ordering Instructions

Make your selections from the Shop Online Store page or from the sidebar menu that lists each item we have for sale on our site. Some items have a choice. Pick the options you desire and add them to your cart by clicking the 'Add To Cart' button. Once an item is in the cart, it can be deleted, or you can change the quantity. The shopping cart logo in the header will show you the amount of your order less shipping and taxes as you put items in your cart. When you have finished shopping, it is time to checkout.

During checkout, you will be asked for billing address information. Enter the current billing address for your credit card here. You can also enter a separate shipping address if you desire. Then, enter your credit card information using the name that is on the card. All the information must match before the transaction will be accepted by your credit card issuer. Please enter an email address that you monitor in case we need to contact you about your order.

Company Responsibility

We are committed to protecting and improving the environment. We strive to minimize waste and recycle packaging materials. Where possible, we use packaging that is made from recycled materials. We have an active recycling program in our facility where we take advantage of local recycling initiatives including the recycling of all kinds of paper, glass, plastic bottles, cardboard, electronics, clothing, packaging material, and metal.

Ordering Terms

All orders are subject to acceptance. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover credit cards. Payments for orders must be successfully processed through our credit card merchant account and these transactions are subject to acceptance by our bank. To protect us and to protect you in case your card information is stolen, our shopping cart and merchant bank accounts are set for maximum security. You can see exactly which items you have ordered in your shopping cart, again on the shipping address page, and again on the checkout page. If you make a mistake on your order, you have until the time the package is delivered to the shipping company by us to make changes. If you order the wrong item and do not realize this until you receive the shipment, we hope you enjoy what you get, but we cannot accept responsibility for the order if it contains items listed in the order receipt.

Third Party Ordering Services

We are not associated with any other online ordering service that accepts orders on their platform and delivers these orders to an end user. We accept orders placed only on rosecitychocolates.com.

Calling In Orders

We can take only a limited number of orders over the phone. Before calling, please keep the following in mind:


We will ship your order according to our shipping policies on our shipping page. See our shipping page for details on hot weather destinations. Our peak shipping periods are the sixteen days before Christmas, the first thirteen days of February, and the weeks before Easter and Mother's Day. During these times, there may be a delay of one or two days before your order can be processed and placed into a shipping channel.


If we need to confer with you about your order, we will first email you using the email address from your billing address. If we do not get a response from that, we will call you using the phone number from your billing address. If you give us an email address and phone number that you do not monitor (some people do), we may not be able to contact you. We cannot assume responsibility for any order beyond these remedies.


If all or part of your order is returned to us by the shipping company because of an incomplete or invalid shipping address or because the recipient has moved leaving no forwarding address, we will contact you using the email address and phone number provided to us on the billing address form. We will make several attempts to get in touch with you. If we cannot contact you within a reasonable amount of time, we will refund your order. We cannot accept responsibility for orders returned to us beyond these remedies.

Express Shipping 1 - 2 Business Day Service

See our Shipping Page for complete details on this service.