Vegan Cupid's Collection

65 pieces (2 lb 2 oz) - $76.95

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Cupid's Collection includes a treasure trove of 12 separate boxes, beautifully packed into a glossy red gift box tied with a white satin ribbon and accented with a tiny red heart. Hidden inside is a retro cupid heart filled with 9 different chocolates from our vegan signature assortment. Surrounding the heart are 11 petite gift boxes, each filled with delicious Vegan Chocolates (Vegan Cherries, Vegan Nut Clusters, Vegan Truffles Genevieve, Vegan Hazelnut Collection, Vegan Chocolate Covered Orange Peel, Vegan Mints, Vegan Fruit Jellies,and Vegan Solid Chocolate Hearts).

What’s Inside ...

1 - 9 piece Vegan Selection in Cupid's Victorian Heart
11 - Petite Gift Boxes:
3 - containing a total of 21 pieces of our Vegan Signature Assortment
1 - 5 piece Vegan Truffles Genevieve
1 - 4 piece Vegan Fruit Jellies
1 - 6 piece Vegan Hazelnut Selection
1 - 5 piece Solid Vegan Chocolate Hearts
1 - 5 piece Vegan Chocolate Orange Peel
1 - 4 piece Vegan Cordial Cherries
1 - 2 piece Vegan Nut Clusters
1 - 4 piece Vegan Mints

Kristin C

"I'm so glad I found Rose City Chocolates! They are my favorite vegan chocolates ever! Other vegan chocolates taste awful and/or are dry. Not these. Rose City always arrives fresh, creamy and are sooo smooth and delicious! Definitely try these. You won't be sorry. Thank you Rose City and I'm a customer for life!"