Vegan Cupid's Collection

63 pieces (2 lb1 oz) - $76.95

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Cupid's Collection includes a treasure trove of decadently delicious vegan chocolates, beautifully packed into a glossy red gift box tied with a white satin ribbon and accented with a tiny red heart. Hidden inside is a clear heart filled with 8 red foiled Vegan Cordial Cherries. Nestled around and beneath the heart are 7 more Vegan chocolate delights. Your love will find a 25 piece tray of our Vegan Signature Assortment and 6 petite boxes each filled with a different Vegan chocolate treasure (Vegan Truffles Genevieve, Vegan Hazelnut Collection, Vegan Chocolate Covered Orange Peel, Vegan Marzipan, Vegan Chocolate-covered Pretzels, and Vegan Solid Chocolate Hearts).

What’s Inside ...

1 - Clear Heart box filled with 8 Vegan Cordial Cherries
1 - 25 piece tray of our Vegan Signature Assortment
1 - 6 piece Vegan Truffles Genevieve
1 - 6 piece Vegan Hazelnut Selection
1 - 4 piece Vegan Marzipan
1 - 2 large Vegan Chocolate-covered Pretzels
1 - 6 Solid Vegan Chocolate Hearts
1 - 6 piece Vegan Chocolate Orange Peel

Erin D AK.

I just wanted to comment that since going Vegan we have missed out on a lot of the cute little box of chocolates for special events, but when my husband got me the Mother's Day Vegan Selection last month, it truly was the best chocolate I had ever had, vegan or otherwise. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product, it really does help us celebrate life's milestones, like parenthood, and indulge in a way that we had missed out on for a while.