Vegan Cupid's Collection

57 pieces (2 lb 2 oz) - $66.95

Cupid's Collection includes a treasure trove of 12 separate boxes, beautifully packed into a glossy red gift box tied with a white satin ribbon and accented with a tiny red heart. Hidden inside is a retro cupid heart filled with 9 different chocolates from our vegan signature assortment. Surrounding the heart are 3 gold pillow boxes, each filled with 3 vegan chocolates (1 with vegan marzipan, 1 with vegan nut clusters, and one with vegan solid chocolate hearts). Underneath all of these goodies are 8 small red brocade gift boxes containing a total of 21 more chocolates from our vegan signature assortment, plus 4 vegan chocolate truffles, 4 vegan peanut butter truffles, 4 vegan cordial cherries, 2 large vegan chocolate pretzels, and 4 vegan mints.

What’s Inside ...

1 - 9 piece Vegan Selection in Cupid's Victorian Heart
8 - Red Brocade Gift Boxes:
1 - 4 piece Vegan Peanut Butter Truffles
1 - 4 piece Vegan Mints
1 - 4 piece Vegan Cherry Cordials
1 - 4 piece Vegan Truffles Genevieve
1 - 2 piece Vegan Pretzels
3 - 7 pieces each of Vegan Selection (21 pcs total)
3 - 3 piece Gold Pillows:
- 3 piece Vegan Marzipan
- 3 piece Vegan Nut Clusters
- 3 piece Solid Vegan Chocolate Hearts

Tonya K, MN

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for making such wonderful chocolates! The chocolates we ordered came in a very timely fashion and were beautiful to look at, but more importantly delicious to eat. We ordered the Rose City ganache collection and I fell head over heels in love with the hazelnut heart and the coffee ganache. These unique and yummy chocolates came highly recommended to us and were a hit. Again, thanks for a little taste of heaven.