Vegan Snowman Tote

27 piece - $35.95

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This festive fabric snowman tote is filled with 5 very special vegan chocolate treats. The lucky recipient will find 2 - 7 pc gift boxes of our vegan signature selection (14 different chocolate varieties), a 4 pc sleeve of vegan truffles, a 4 pc box of vegan nut clusters and 5 miniature vegan hazelnut santas. This gift will certainly bring joy to a vegan chocolate lover. The fabric tote can be used for many Christmases to come.

27 pc - Net wt.15 oz

What’s Inside ...

2 - 7 piece Vegan Selection Gift Boxes
1 - 4 piece Sleeve of Vegan Truffles Genevieve
1 - 5 piece Vegan Mini Santas with a hazelnut filling
1 - 4 piece Vegan Nut Clusters in a gold gift box

Jennifer C.

I've been a chocolate lover my entire life. After I became vegan, this was one item it was hard for me to resist. Thankfully, Rose City Chocolatier came along, making the best chocolates I've ever tasted –– AND they're vegan! No sacrifice involved. I brought a box of your vegan chocolates for my office. I've referred friends. I'm sending a box to my mother for Easter. Thank you for making the world brighter for us vegans. By the way, I also greatly appreciate the quality ingredients you use, and the fact that I don't have to worry about partially hydrogenated vegetable oil or other cheap preservatives in your chocolate.