Vegan Snowman Tote

25 piece - $32.95

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This festive fabric snowman tote is filled with 5 very special vegan chocolate treats. The lucky recipient will find an 8 pc gift box of our vegan signature selection (8 different chocolate varieties), a 4 pc sleeve of vegan truffles, a 3 pc box of vegan mints, a 4 pc box of vegan nut clusters and 6 miniature vegan hazelnut santas. This gift will certainly bring joy to a vegan chocolate lover. The fabric tote can be used for many Christmases to come.

25 pc - Net wt.14 oz

What’s Inside ...

1 - 8 piece Vegan Selection Gold Gift Box
1 - 4 piece Sleeve of Truffles Genevieve
1 - 6 piece Vegan Mini Santas with a hazelnut filling
1 - 3 piece Vegan Mints in a holly brocade box
1 - 4 piece Vegan Nut Clusters in a gold gift box

Tanja H

These are the best vegan chocolates I have had so far! Thank you sooooo much!